Printmaking 1 – Personal Objectives

When I was a kid, I attended the Saturday Morning Art Club at Sutton Coldfield Art School. We did pottery, sculpture, printing etc (not drawing or painting!), and I loved printmaking. I remember that we were supposed to move on every half term but somehow I stuck in printmaking for ages. I remember the sheer pleasure of pulling the arm of the Columbia press and I still have scars on my knuckles from cleaning raw edged glass sheets. I can close my eyes and remember the smell of ink in the room. Boy, did I love it.

It has taken me forty years to get back to art and printmaking, and my excitement in turning a press or pulling back a sheet of paper to reveal a print is undiminished. Three years ago I attended an introductory course on drypoint and collagraph, and I have been hooked again ever since. I am a scientist by training and the technical aspects of printmaking appeal to me, but, trying to print on my own without direction, I feel I have just been thrashing about.  It is all experimentation and little outcome.

I want to:

  • give my exploration of printing purposeful direction
  • develop my compositional skills
  • develop my technical skills
  • bring rigor to my work
  • develop a grounding in the relevant art history
  • become more professional
  • develop substance in my prints.

About starrybird

I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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