Printing on six sides of one piece of paper!

Periodically I rebel at the tyranny of rectangular pieces of paper, especially A4. I try to use  different sizes, colours and texture of paper, but it is difficult to escape rectangle corners, especially if registration is an issue. I have also been thinking about what other materials I could print on. I am not thinking here of T-shirts or canvas bags, but things which are not perhaps 2 dimensional or which might not be obvious uses for printing, such as paper sculpture. I think that could be a long way into the future of my studies…

As a nod to these ideas, I decided to print on a flexigon. I remember having fun with these in sixth form maths lessons. Basically paper is folded such that a multi-surfaced, flat shape is created. As the paper is turned and manipulated, faces are revealed. I thought it would be fun to print each face differently. My plan was to print a negative stenciled image on one face, turn to the next face and print the ghost. Then on this second face print a negative stenciled image, and then repeat the process. Each face would have a negative image and a different ghost in two colours and the colours would also rotate. In fact this didn’t quite work because two of the faces in my six faced flexigon are revealed in a slightly different sequence – it is not a smooth rotation. The maths behind these objects rapidly gets complicated. My example is one of the simplest flexigons.

I used acrylic paint for printing because I had to rely on quick drying times to be able to turn the flexigon. The paper has to be thin and crease sharply.

As you flex, each face is shown in two ways, one with the ghost aligned and one with the negative image aligned.

Completely pointless and great fun!

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Here’s what it looks like unfolded, and how it is folded up.

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About starrybird

I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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