Future Directions

I have been thinking about possible directions and ideas for pushing the boundaries of my printmaking. Whilst I recognise that I am probably being over ambitious and the phrase running before you can walk leaps to mind, I have the following ideas that I would like to explore some time:

  • printing on a transparent medium, plastic, tissue, glass
  • layers of transparent prints mounted in a box frame to be seen against light
  • transparent layers which could be moved relative to each other
  • printing on a non planar surface, papier mache, artifact, or printing on a planar surface and then constructing a 3d object/sculpture – inspiration Picasso’s Woman, 1961, relating shape to pictorial content
  • print on my homemade paper
  • use prints as part of a collage/drawing/painting
  • use collage as part of a print – chine colle but not tissue – printed paper, artifact such a ticket, catalogue etc, reference Kitaj,
  • jigsaw print – monotype, each plate treated differently
  • textures – caustic soda etching
  • kitchen lithography using silver foil
  • take one design idea and explore it through lots of different printing techniques
  • explore a theme by printing modern ‘illustration’ on the pages of an old book
  • artist book? with homemade paper?
  • printing on papery bark from the birch trees – how to mount? very fragile
  • offset printing from natural textures/frottage

I have several overarching ambitions:

  • prints of various sizes including big prints (A3 or larger!)
  • prints on lots of papers and other substances
  • more colour and texture
  • be bolder – not twee.

These ambitions could take years to achieve and many are way outside the parameters of Printmaking 1, but I already have ideas for how I could apply linoprint to some of them. I am never going to be bored of printmaking.

About starrybird

I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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