During the Printmaking 1 course, I have read a number of books on printmaking, some more useful or more inspiring than others.

Asuncion, J. ((2003) The Complete Book of Papermaking. 1st Ed in English. London: B T Batsford

Excellent introduction to historical, commercial and handmade papers and how to make paper yourself.

Ayres, J. (1991) Monotype: Mediums and Methods for Painterly Printmaking. 1st Ed. New York: Watson-Guptil Publications.

Lots of technical information on materials, mediums and methods. Good supporting illustrations with a wide range of prints and printmakers represented.

Desmet, A. and Anderson, J. (2000) Handmade Prints. 1st Ed. London: A&C Black

A useful book on printing without a press. Some good experimental ideas.

Dyson, A. (2009) Printmakers’ Secrets. 1st Ed. London: A&C Black

A very interesting survey of about 70 contemporary British printmakers with each  offering insights into their inspiration and working methods.

Eichenberg, F. (1978) Masterpieces of Lithography & Screenprint: Art and Technique. Paperback Ed. London:Thames and Hutton

A historical survey with comments on technique by contemporary artists. Dated but with very interesting examples and insight.

Foster, J. (2014) Paper and Ink Workshop: Printmaking Techniques Using a Variety of Methods and Materials. 1st Ed. Beverly: Rockport Publishers

In spite of the ‘variety’ this only looks at letterpress and screenprint, but with lots pics of different peoples work.

Goldman, P. (2012) Master Prints Close Up. 1st Ed. London: The British Museum Press

A selection of print masterpieces from the collection of the BM, with a discussion on each artist and his (almost exclusively so, the only woman included is Maggi Hambling) working methods. The works stretch from 1460 to 2005 and includes a monoprint from c1640 which must be one of the first.

Hartill, B and Clarke, R. (2004) Printmaking Handbook: Collagraphs and Mixed-Media Printmaking. 1st Ed. London: A&C Black

A great book full of useful technical information supported by case studies from a wide range of printmakers.

Hoskins, S. (2004) Printmaking Handbook: Inks. 1st Ed. London: A&C Black

A disappointing book for this excellent series. It did answer some of my questions about ink additives, viscosity etc but seems rather behind the times for its publication date.

Morley Fletcher, F. (1916) Wood-Block Printing: A Description of the Craft of Woodcutting and Colour Printing Based on the Japanese Practice. Bath: Sir Isaac Pitman Ltd. Available from: Project Gutenberg: [accessed January 2014]

Dated, of course, but extremely practice and helpful.

Newell, J. and Whittington, D. (2006) Printmaking Handbook: Monoprinting. 1st Ed. London: A&C Black

A very useful book full of good technical information and great examples of work.

Riley, S. (2011) Practical Mixed-Media Printmaking Techniques. 1st Ed. London: A&C Black

Wide ranging, looking at lots of printmaking techniques and how they can be combined. Full of very exciting directions.

Salter,R. (2013) Japanese Woodblock Printmaking. 2 Ed. London: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

An excellent introduction with comtemporary print examples.

Saunders, G. and Miles, R. (2006) Prints Now. 1st Ed. London: V&A Publications

A survey of contemporary printmaking directions with many interesting, non-traditional materials.

Stobart, J. (2005) Printmaking Handbook: Printmaking for Beginners. 2nd Ed. London: A&C Black

A great introduction and especially good on issues like registration, choosing paper and ink.

Woods, L. (2008) The Printmaking Handbook. 1st Ed. Edison: Chartwell Books.

Disappointingly superficial.

Yeates, S. (2011) Learning Linocut: A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Relief Printing Through Linocut. 1 Ed. Sandy: Authors Online Ltd.

Covers the basics. Very accessible.

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I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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