Part 1 – Tutor Report Reflection

Reflecting on my tutor report from Part 1, particular points I need to work on are:

  • explaining my thought processes more clearly in my sketchbook
  • clearer writing in my sketchbook
  • better presentation of prints
  • cleaner working
  • better registration
  • better labelling and collating.

I have resolved to:

  • expand my sketchbook not to just be my thinking space but also to include elements of learning log
  • I need to make my sketchbook more legible. I have decided not to type out and print notes in my sketchbook, as suggested by my tutor, as I think this would inhibit my process. Instead, I will write using a yellow bic biro with which my writing is clearest. I know this is a problem area as I am dyslexic with poor handwriting and sometimes miss letters out or jumble them up
  • experiment with various registration techniques
  • present my work in a sleeved folder with typed labels
  • wear gloves for working and take them off for paper handling
  • keep my working area clean.

I started work on Part 2 a considerable time before my sketchbook was returned, so was unable to implement some of this immediately.

My objective for Part 2 is to submit high quality, clean, well registered prints and work in a form more accessible to my tutor. I am concerned about suitable achieving a  balance and overlap between my sketchbook and learning log.


About starrybird

I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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