IPE 2014

To challenge myself to produce an edition, I entered the International Print Exchange run by Green Door Printmaking, Derby. I entered a small drypoint developed from looking at Morandi’s work and described here. You submit an edition of 10 prints, one gets exhibited and in return you receive eight prints. The exchange is unjuried.

ipe14 (2 of 11)ipe14 (1 of 11)ipe14 (3 of 11)

This week I received my pack of prints and what a little packet of joy it was! The parcel was beautifully presented and I was surprised by the personalisation and the information included. I particularly liked being told who my prints were from (impossible to read the signatures) and who had been sent mine.

ipe14 (6 of 11)

ipe14 (11 of 11)

My prints came from the UK, the Netherlands, Poland and Australia and my prints went to the UK, Australia and Taiwan. I love the sense of connectedness this gives me with printmakers around the world. The enclosed letter also gave a list of all the participants, a breakdown of where they came from, their chosen printmaking method and the paper used. Printmaking manna from heaven!

ipe14 (7 of 11)ipe14 (8 of 11)ipe14 (10 of 11) ipe14 (9 of 11)

I have really enjoyed the challenge of working to brief (here just physical dimensions) and editioning. Sharing my prints with others around the world and seeing their work in return has been a very rewarding experience. I hope to enter again. My sincere thanks and congratulations  to the organisers.

The IPE is dedicated to the memory of a Green Door printmaker:

ipe14 (5 of 11)




About starrybird

I am mature student studying art with The Open College of the Arts. My passion is printmaking.
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3 Responses to IPE 2014

  1. ingridmojo says:

    Great to see this print exchange in more detail than on FB. Such fun and what a lovely effort by all! I hope to take part one day soon, when I get deeper into editioning (eminently).

  2. juliemacbean says:

    Nice to find someone who has received one of my prints from the IPE 2014. ‘Point of Departure’.

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